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Step-by-step wig tutorial by LucilleSmiles Step-by-step wig tutorial by LucilleSmiles
Wig Step-by-Step by Lucille & Cosplay
Soji Okita (Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan)

Attention: Unfortunately, the hair spray I used wasn't best quality and so it was quite a pain to work with it (way too sticky / tough). I recently switched brands. Always test new products first (unlike me, haha). Combing hair spray out is a real pain, so be careful with how much you use!

Tools: Scissors, comb, elastics, clips, hair spray, gel, hair dryer.

1. Decided on the parting. The original character had a side parting, so I parted the wig at the side and fixed the parting with spray and heat.

2. Separate the parts of the wigs you need to work on. The hairstyle It's best to separate by front - side - back and / or direction. Here the direction of the front part was straight down, the back part was sideways / up.

3. Shorten the back. This is tedious, but do it layer by layer, it's worth it. Start at the bottom and pin the rest up.

4. Finished result of 3.

5. Curlers. Sometimes you can do this simply by shortening the back enough and then putting a lot of hairspray in, it might stay up, too. However, if you put curlers in, spray the curles hair with hairspray, fix it with the hairdryer and let it cool before you move on, it will have much more staying power. ATTENTION: To do this, the hair in the back needs to be long enough to fit around the curlers. You can trim it later.

6. Meanwhile I got started on the bangs. Same spiel as before, start at the bottom layer and pin the rest up and shorten layer by layer.

7. Et voilà.

8. Meanwhile I finished the back portion. This is what it looked like. Also note I didn't curl everything. I simply sprayed the side upper, bottom and side layers into their position. That way, it doesn't all look curled, but you have the covering bits and bops nice and straight!

9. Finished side view.

10. Finished front view.

Some notes: If you want some more volume to your wig, you can tease the roots with a comb. You can also ruffle the wig where it looks right. It all depends on how you like it best, so don't be afraid to try a few things!
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